Right to be cynical

I have seen safety web sites put down and criticise so many aspects of safety and further confuse the safety sector by adding more over complication and trying to add more role obligations onto safety workers. It is only fair people have the chance to see the realist side of things.

This is that site.

I do not live in any dream world, I have nothing to sell, nor am I promoting any business tacts. What I do want is some sense put back in safety as too much has been taken out....in my opinion

The Art of Persuasion and humble enquiry (being sold in safety) are every con-persons genuineness. Humble enquiry and all other means to get people to buy things or believe in things is just plain manipulation. Anyone who disagrees is not ethical or just naive; as ethical people do not practice persuasion to sell ideas, and smart people do not endorse it, they practice moral advice that allows those to persuade themselves to a new way. Free chapters of books, free samples of systems, and all other tempters are all those things in which those who practice persuasion use to buy you, suck you in...wake up. Safety needs to get back to the basics first, as this first step has not been completed!

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Lets keep growing Antlers - let's keep discovering (updated)

The Discovery Paddling in a secret and magical cove, a beautiful young woman makes an amazing find. Stooping low to investigate a huge conch shell, she is amazed to find a never-ending (fractal) reflection of herself, as if in a series of mirrors. Looking more closely she discovers that in each reflection she is transported to a different land. Does she dare to enter and investigate?

This painting depicts my view on a cyclical process replicating itself yet really staying the same (like Hydra)
In reply to this post HERE where it again says we need to discover...its like an addiction.
Yes, yes, it’s all about the words and symbols that matters as you cannot make yourself out to be more than you are not without them.

Imagine if we introduced titles for organisations that somehow made them expertly correct in everything they plagiarise and then promote...How about if the company promoted by Long was now called;  Dr, PhD Borealis...now that would sell their products as it has to be better than just the plain old name without the title...kind of like the naked man standing next to the man in the expensive suit...who is more ethical?.

Some people are so naïve to think that just because a company has paid for a “mindful manipulation understanding marketing company” to design and innovate a wonderful looking sales package and website full of nudging words (that have to be included as what else do you say) and those lovely inspiring images (yes again climbing up to reach that level of unobtainable perfection HERE) that say they must be really on the ball and current in every way.

All organisations that are in the practice of developing, will all say they are market leaders or world class or have values and ethics second to none...now even I am 'awakening' up to their rubbish of fanciful and perfectionist sales crap. These organisations are nothing more than a fold out brochure for a beach resort designed to sell the wonderful ocean view (that upon arrival is obstructed with trees). 

Let’s look at this example between Borealis (who Dr Long thinks is good) and DuPont to make my point where there is much the same SPIN promoted, yet would Long say DuPont is a mature organisation all about discovery? (keep in mind DuPont, who are world leaders in safety have just been charged for killing 4 workers recently. OSHA charged the DuPont plant with dozens of “serious” offenses, including failure to track and document unit operation systems properly, poor training and oversight of personnel, poor systems of leak detection and warnings and poor maintenance of risk reduction equipment).

Borealis says; Borealis

·        To grow successfully, you have to evolve with a changing world

·        To lead the way, you have to know what lies ahead

·        To create something truly innovative, you have to go beyond the limits of the conventional

·        To ensure that 9 billion people live well within the limits of our planet, we have to secure sustainable growth

DuPont Says;

·        Dupont - We Drive Progress, Solving the fundamental needs of the world. That's progress.

·        Energy - We Secure our global energy future through scalable innovations. That’s progress

·        Transport - We make mobility sustainable through advanced materials and energy breakthroughs. That’s Progress

·        Food – We help provide food security for a burgeoning population. That’s progress

·        Biotechnology – We lead the world towards a bio-based economy. That’s Progress

·        Protection – We protect what matters most – life and out shared planet. That’s progress

Grow, Secure, Beyond, Evolve, Lead....will people see what I see! or will fools persist in their folly? words matter all right!

Now, this is my argument with how we constantly seek perfection and why we are becoming (already have) a Irish Elk HERE. We are always looking to make things ‘more better’...more advanced for no other reason to be a MORE profitable organisation selling perfection onto others who wish for it also. The sad thing is that we all fall for it like we have an over reactive stupid gene that thinks perfectionism is obtainable. Readers of mine know very well my views that no organisation can be a High Reliability Organisation (HRO) as much as some people like to think they can.

For a professional who puts down slogans like “zero Harm” and "Safety Frist" I have to really try to see what is different about the slogans the company is using that he is training that is all about perfectionism...is this a form of Bias view point?

Seriously.,, “To lead the way, you have to know what lies ahead” well if they or Dr Long can tell me how to know what lies ahead, then........!

And how dare they say that they can ensure that 9 billion people can live well within the limits of our planet...who came up with this rubbish?

I will tell you what we do on Planet B...no person can have a child until another person dies (planet B is at 50 million people and is sustainable at that level without taking more than we need or can replace). It is accepted morally by all as they know that this is a long term goal. - did your greedy ethical voice say that's unfair, we all have a 'right' to breed as many humans as we want...go figure...follow the humanisation process of growing better and lets wait and see the Irish Elk die! 

Anyway, now they have a few days of psychology of risk training about embracing risk, being told to be bipolar and that perfectionism is a mental health disorder and to act out their roles, they should be ready to solve safety issues with innovation.

See how stupid it all is... 

Still, I am yet to see how social psychology is a proactive topic as it is only based off past events and study of how we acted in some scenario. This topic is a SNAKE OIL product with sales people selling it. And the comments are so self-loving its not funny...my books! how about scrap books of cuts from other experts books...I do not see Long as a person deserved of promoting any books in safety...sorry, but that's my opinion.